There are no enough AI & Data professionals to cope with the needs of companies. On the other hand, it is not enough to only have a Computer Science or a similar degree.

This gap is intended to be filled with specialized masters in AI and with self-education through on-line training resources, but the number of open positions is so high that there is a need to speed up further the capacitation cycles.

And it is in this scenario where AI-Network, as a professional association whose goal is to speed up the adoption of AI, delivers short workshops with a very practical approach, designed by our network of professional members, connected to current needs.

Workshop Hours
Machine Learning Introduction 8
Machine Learning 16
Deep Learning 12
Reinforcement Learning 12
Recommender Systems 12
Natural Language Processing 12
Machine Learning on Platforms 32
Microsoft (Azure) 8
Amazon (AWS) 8
Google 8
IBM (Watson) 8
Machine learning on Libraries 24
Spark ML 8
H20 8
Weka 8
Fuzzy Logic 8
Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation 8
Computer Vision 8